What to Expect

What to expect ….
As you arrive you will meet your captain and crew. While they finish readying the boat now is a great time for you to hand up any food or drinks (beer is allowed!), and extra layers or rain gear to the crew. Also if you brought waterproof boots, now would be the time to put them on. If you haven’t made your final payment now is the time to get that done as well. As your departure time draws near load up in the van for the short trip down the hill to the tractor launch.

The tractor launch is an exciting way to begin your trip. For most it’s unlike anything they have seen. Such huge tidal swings make a harbor or traditional launch impractical. This is where Alaskan ingenuity took over.The launch operators repurposed old log skidders and use them to launch and retrieve these large boats directly off the beach. It is something to see and another reason to fish with Fish AK Guide Service as opposed to fishing our of Whittier, Homer or Seward.

Once launched the crew will record you fishing license information and brief you on safety information. Now it is time to head out fishing! An average run to the fishing grounds but this varies greatly depending on where we are fishing (based on historic and recent productivity) and tidal and ocean conditions. Along the way keep a lookout for otters, seals, puffins, proposes, and even whales. Once at our spot we will likely set anchor and let out our lines.

Often our guides or deckhands will set out the first lines testing the current and the swing but this is a hands on fishery and they will show you how to release the lines, sending fresh bait to the bottom. You will learn what it feels like once that bait reaches bottom and how to “jig” to ensure that you are on bottom. Most importantly you will learn what it’s like to feel or see the bite and what to do when bites occur.

Once everyone has their limit or the currents make it nearly impossible to fish any longer we return to shore for photographs, and filleting of your catch. All told the trip is generally 6-7 hours or beautiful scenery and active fishing.

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