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Ninilchik Halibut Charters

Halibut fishing is an exciting action packed pursuit, suitable for all anglers. Generally the only complaint we receive from our clients is being tired of reeling in fish.

Located in the town of Ninilchik, Discover Alaskan Adventures fishes the beautiful and protected waters of the Cook Inlet. The Cook Inlet experiences the second biggest tide changes in the world. Because of this we fish around the “slack tide”, a time near high or low tide when the water is moving the slowest so our departure times will change daily.

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Cook Inlet Halibut fishing with Discover Alaskan Adventures is…

  • Consistent- There are some days that remind us that we are fishing and bot just catching but those days are, fortunately, very few and very far between.
  • Action Packed- Halibut fishing is a hands on fishery. Whether you are running your rig to the bottom or reeling up a creature from the deep it seems there is always something to do.
  • Cost effective As most sportsmen will readily admit while the outdoors are our passion and the food we provide merely a bonus, most of our trips cost much more than purchasing it at the store. This is not the case with halibut fishing. At $20 per pound in stores, your charter more than pays for itself by merely bring home 13 pounds of fillets. Its silly not to go fishing with us.

Daily Limit: 2 fish per person per day. At least one of those fish must be 26″ or under

Annual Limit: 4 fish per year

Season: Halibut have no closed season. Due to new state regulations there is no halibut charters on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Our season begins May 1st and finishes September 5th.

Guided Halibut Fishing: $325 per person

World class, while cliche, is really the only way to describe Cook Inlet Halibut Fishing.

  • Full tide, usually around 6 to 7  hours
  • Professional Guide
  • All tackle and bait
  • Filleting of your catch

Not Included

  • Fishing license  (get one here)
  • Food and Drinks– be sure to bring your own
  • Gratuities
  •  Vaccum sealing fillets
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(907) 567-3220

Monday – Friday, 9AM to 5PM AKST

16867 Sterling Highway
Ninilchik, AK 99639

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