What to wear?
The weather in Alaska seems to be bi-polar in the summers, the best advice we can give is plan for the worst and expect the best so layers is the best option. Start your day with waterproof boots, pants and jacket. Underneath a couple layers that end in a comfortable T shirt to soak up some of those AK rays on a gorgeous summer day!

Extra things to consider; gloves, hat and sunglasses.

Will my camera get wet?
We provide dry storage underneath the seats for valuable items you might want to bring with you to capture those awesome moments on the water. Bringing a nice camera to take pictures of you with your giant fish is a great idea!
Fish filleting and processing?
After your long day of catching Our guides at Discover Alaskan Adventures will fillet your catch and get it ready for the processor, this portion is included in your fare. For vacuum packing, freezing and boxing we have a couple places that you can go to with some additional costs.
Should I be concerned about motion sickness?

If you are not familiar with being on the big open ocean it is always better to be safe than sorry. There’s nothing worse than planning your dream vacation and then spending all morning on the water throwing up that fantastic food you have been eating!

While we cannot supply you with motion sickness medication, all the general stores along the peninsula carry it. If you do a little research before your trip, you will see there are also alternatives to over the counter pills. You might consider trying patches, wristbands, lotions or more potent pills!

What are some things to do around Ninilchik?
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